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Cam Damage, also known as “Hannibal”, is a prominent figure in the adult entertainment industry. His journey into erotic performance and art nude modeling started at the age of 19. Since then, Cam Damage’s nudes and Cam Damage’s pics became very popular and sought after. Drawn by the many sexual exploration possibilities and the vast spectrum of erotic expression within the world of pornography, Cam has evolved into an award-winning performer and director, as well as a photographer, videographer, actor, and model. Embracing a trans masculine identity, Cam Damage’s porn challenges the confines of gender binaries and heteronormativity.

With a passion for expanding representation, he seeks to create a space where everyone's desires and identities are acknowledged and celebrated. In the world of Cam Damage’s porn, boundaries are meant to be explored, identities are fluid, and eroticism is an art form.

Fun fact about Cam Damage: he is incredibly skillful in the elegant and kinky art of Japanese rope bondage - Shibari. Go check out Cam Damage pics on Instagram and you will be blown away by the rope work and by the hot thirst traps he posts for your pleasure.


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We loved working with Cam Damage on a provocative short film called “Homesick”. In this porn film you follow a week in the dynamic life of a polyamorous sexy throuple. This is an explicit film about something everyone who has been in a long-distance relationship knows so well – cyber intimacy. While Cam Gamage and Ten Against fuck for the camera, Casey takes care of herself with her vibrator. In this Cam Damage’s porn, you will find a lot of good dirty talk, self-pleasure and even tips on how to stay connected while apart. 


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