Unreachable Vagina

A Sexual Fantasy

— By a dancer

I am a man with a penis, but on many moments when I get aroused it feels like I also have a vagina. A place between my balls and anus, full of desire, but somehow unreachable. My last partner was a woman with a graceful and musular body, similar to mine. We are both very bodily. Both dancers. Both quite androgynous. The sex between us was fiery and deeply satisfying for both of us. We shared a curiousity about how it would be to penetrate as a man and be penetrated as a woman. Each of us knows one of those, but the other we can only imagine. Our relationship didn't last long enough to explore this. But my fantasy to be taken by her remained. I long to feel her yearning pelvis close to mine. This integer, yet fiery and impassioned woman. With a strap-on-penis or just our strong imagination. I long to feel her caressing, licking and ultimately coming in. Hungry for every moment to be tasted. Feeling her desire filling mine. Softly, gently, yet hungry.