A Sexual Fantasy

— By John & Annie

Dear Erika,

We are John and Annie and we believe there is another way to fuck. We call it ‘Soulsex’. It creates great harmony in all areas of the relationship, it brings you closer to your partner and to yourself in so many ways. If everyone had sex this way there would be no arguments, no fighting, no war! Everything is slow; each person focused on their own sensations, their body and mind. Simply doing this increases the combined pleasure and ecstasy that you experience with your partner. Soulsex doesn't focus on a particular goal, it does not depend on an outcome such as orgasms or ejaculation. However, this does not mean that there is no orgasmic experience, in fact everything becomes so highly sensitive that orgasmic experiences occur with every contact, with every tender touch. There are no taboos and whatever feels good is good. It’s different every time and always deeply mindful. If everyone made love this way, they too would experience a deep intimate pleasure that creates an inseparable, natural bond. We want to share Soulsex with the whole world, we want to show them the beauty that is being created when love, lust and mind embrace.

It would be an honour if you would give us the chance to share our experience with the world. We'd love to make a film with you that shows love the slow way.