Pegged by my yoga instructor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xtech

I have this fantasy about my yoga instructor. First let me describe her. She is so confident and quirky. She is strict and polite at the same time. She is beautiful physically. I fantasize about her asking me to stay after class in order to work out some issues in my yoga poses. As she is adjusting my body during the poses, I confess to her that I find her personality very attractive, and that I fantasize about her. I fantasize about her pegging me. Nothing more and nothing less. She responds by saying that she just so happens to have a strap on in the studio. She goes into her office, and comes out completely naked with her strap on. She tells me to remove my clothes, which I do. She tells me to do a table top pose so I do. Then with her dildo all lubed up, she comes behind me and inserts. She fucks me from behind as she instructs me to do different yoga poses. She adjust my body in order to get the pose right. Then I have an anal orgasm, and moments later she has an orgasm as she is wearing one of those double ended dildos that pleasure the wearer too. Once we are all done, we get dressed and things are a bit awkward between us until she breaks the ice by saying she'll see me in class next week. I smile and say I'll be here. Namaste.