My New Vagina

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Miss Anastacia

I’m a pre-operative transgender woman. That means I intend to get “bottom surgery” when my finances allow. My sexual fantasy involves a cisgender woman (looks like Kali Sudhra or Constance Nunez) using a strap on to penetrate my new vagina, taking complete control of me. Some moments she’s gentle, sometimes rough, always passionate and seductive. The gentle is caressing and cuddling in foreplay, slow and deliberate during sex. The rough is light biting and restraining during sex and foreplay. The passion throughout is all over kissing by both of us, with “sweet nothings” whispered in each other’s ears. In real life I try to be a giver, but in fantasy I’m a total pillow princess. VR POVs like this always get me going ;-)