Do You Remember?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nostalgic ex

Can there ever be just one last time? My partner and I broke up recently when the routine and monotony of daily life eventually got to us. I felt taken for granted and ignored, my basic emotional needs were no longer being met by him. To summarise, there was a space missing in my life for someone else to temporarily step in. 
I know that it’s the best thing for both of us to be alone right now but I just can’t stop fantasising about sex with him. It was passionate, wild and unpredictable... until it wasn’t. I suppose I want one last time to remember just how good it was and to end where we started. 

We're both packing up and moving out of the house we used to share at the moment and I keep imagining that we happen to be there at the same time as each other. There is an air of hostility between us, but there is also a desire that refuses to die. Maybe an argument over something silly would spark something more intense that we couldn't ignore. We would have no choice but to give into it and devour each other in the middle of our empty home surrounded by memories of old times. 

It would be just like it was in the beginning: new, exciting and full of lust. Does he also remember how good it was?