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Nat Portnoy (she/her /they/them) is a multidisciplinary queer artist, filmmaker, and educator born in Poland, currently residing in the Netherlands. Nat describes herself as a pansexual multi-fetishist, with a passion for incorporating sex into her art and reverse. Nat performed for XConfessions for the first time in "Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe" and has since performed in Into The Flesh; Valentin, Pierre & Catalina; Impregnation Nation; and ASMR: The Sound of Sex.  She also loves sharing her passion, so she created an explicit Guide To Erotic Photography for the Lust Zine. In 2021, she had guest directed her debut “Tulips: Two lips” celebrating the love for photography, flowers, and femme body, she has more things coming as we just can't get enough of her! 

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