Perlita León

    Porn director

    Málaga, Spain
    Barcelona, Spain

    Lavish set design, killer outfits and glitter, lots of glitter. Those are Perlita's essentials.

    Born in Málaga and based in Barcelona, Perlita León has worked as Erika Lust's art director since 2014. With the film Hazme las uñas she undertakes the role of the director for the first time.

    As Perlita says less is more, and more is always much more! She is continually inspired by the excess in Spanish folklore, pop culture and cinematic melodrama. In her work we delve into a world where feelings and romance are untamed, depicted colourfully and never taken too seriously. 

    What's next? Well, Perlita has an ongoing obsession with the relationship between sex and horror cinema. She hopes to be able to capture the sexiness she loves to watch in giallos and serie-b films.

    In the meantime, Perlita is delighted to keep working by Erika's side, helping her to create the sublime atmosphere of her films.

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