Luna Kuu, Laura Rämö & Pris Juno

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Laura, Luna and Pris are a Helsinki based collective of close friends and filmmakers. Their common interest in creating new wave erotica with emphasis on human connection and nature brought them closer in first place. They strive to give new meanings to the words porn and sex. 

Luna Kuu is a Helsinki based director, performer and environmental scientist.She finds inspiration from conceptions such as ecofeminism, queer theory and sexecology. Therefore, her impulse to create art comes from the desire to portray balance between environment and sexuality. She also practices Shibari as a rigger and a rope bottom. 

Laura (b.1989) is a Finnish visual artist, director and a dreamer who’s currently studying her Masters in Photography. Curiosity as a driving force her expression is not bound to one medium. Her biggest passions revolve around contemporary art, films and erotica. 

Pris Juno, born in Switzerland and living in Helsinki since 2004, is a time-space buddhist. intersectional feminist, experienced cinematographer, director, editor and animator. Constantly exploring and in love with lifeforms. Passionate cook and musician. Wild about coffee. Baking bread. 

So far Luvvbites collective have produced two adult films, Frostbite and NÄKKI - Spellbound, for XConfessions. 

Current mission; Planning a community space “for tolerance and expression”. Pris likes to help creating a world where liberation and self expression is at the core of our societal structure.

Helsinki, Finland

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