Gordon B

Porn director

Coming from the world of theater-based sex-education Gordon brings a belief in the value of LGBTQI-inclusive pleasure affirming storytelling. His goal is to make beautiful, intelligent adult cinema that arouses while being anti-patriarchal and anti-racist. And he believes this can’t be done without representation of women and people of colour both in front of and behind the camera. As a white cis (mostly) het man, he believes that it is his lifelong task to check and challenge himself to always do better, he believes his humanity and sexuality depends on it. He believes that liberation and pleasure are best friends, and that there are mind-blowing orgasms for everyone waiting to be found in the rubble of the white supremacist patriarchy. On that journey he joins a lineage of powerfully talented erotic art and change makers; particularly women of color and gender non-conforming folks. From his position he hopes to add to conversation about the beautiful complexities of sex and sexuality. 
Los Angeles, USA

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