Goodyn Green

Porn director

Goodyn Green is a Danish photographer and queer  filmmaker living and working in Berlin. She focuses mainly on erotic photography. In 2011 she published "The Catalog", a collection of erotic photographs of androgynous looking queer women. In 2013 Goodyn's first short porn, "Want Some Oranges" was chosen for the Porn Film Festival Berlin. A year later her first feature, “Shutter”, premiered at the same festival, as did her latest two short films, “Blue Room” and “Breathe” in 2016. They each won an award at the Toronto International Porn Film Festival 2017. Currently Goodyn is working on finishing her lesbian porn trilogy “Shutter”.

In October 2015 Goodyn received an honorary PorYes Award.

When she isn't occupied with porn, she keeps herself busy as a full time secondary school teacher and as a mom.

She directed her first film for XConfessions in 2017, The Toilet Line, produced by Paulita Pappel and returned to XConfessions in 2018 with An Illicit Affair

Berlin, Germany

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