Whiter than milk, sweeter than honey

BY Coco
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I'd never thought that sharing my cum with someone could be so immensely pleasurable. After several months of dating, and having sex every day, my girlfriend surprised and delighted me when she asked me to cum in her mouth. But when I did, she reached up and kissed me. I was shocked, not only by the novelty, but by the fact that I liked it.

The naughtiest kiss ever. The lust after this night has never been surpassed.

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  • Phallion
    For a few months now, I've had an affair with a wonderful young girl who likes to cum in her mouth. By the way, she told me that my sperm tastes her ... I love to kiss her with my sperm in her mouth passionately, there is hardly anything that turns me on more than that.

    I really would love to watch the video.
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