Walking a fine line

BY cherology
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We met in Portugal. He was there for his brother's bachelor party and I was traveling solo. Across the smoky haze, he noticed my tattoos and came over to chat. We talked and flirted for hours. As he was walking me home, two girls that I had met at the hostel came by to check up on me, ruining what could've been. A few days later, I found him on Facebook and added him. Our messages were completely platonic and innocent, until one night, they weren't. It turns out, he is married and told me we were walking a fine line the night we met. We told each other everything we wanted to do to one another. I had never sent explicit photos but here I was, taking photos of my tits for a married man to see. I've never cum harder than from his messages.

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  • oddyseusitacenses

    Oh, myyyyy! That's something I love about lust. It can make you do things you would have never imagined yourself doing. And that is fucking fine! What's life without that?

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