Sweater Weather

BY Lovey Darling
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Many people think summer is the sexiest time of year, when everyone is half-naked and glistening. But to me, sweater weather is better. Sipping scotch in a cozy bar, I glance at the patrons in their sumptuous layers of cotton and cashmere. I close my eyes and picture running my hands over these luxurious textures – eventually discovering what is underneath.

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  • 123Moondog
    Imagination... a dirty mind is a joy forever!
  • Selinakyle
    Would love to see this made into a film! Warmth, comfort, and curves. Soft sweaters and long socks. The sexiness of necessity. Lovers in cold weather climates understand, all too well, the passion-thwarting power of a cold breeze let in by a simple adjustment of the comforter. After my Partner and I spent our first winter together in the Rocky’s, all my fascinations and lustful aspirations would begin with us in light winter clothes. Durning the cold months she was always in a sweater and wool socks. I liked texture of the sweater while holding her, she liked knowing that if we moved things to the bed... she was gonna stay warm.
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