The Stables of Lea Valley

BY Simon

I noticed her a year ago....she was a stable hand at my daughters riding stables, Irena, dark hair, big eyes and curvy body, we would make small talk until one day we were both in a tiny stable together with a huge horse too big for the stable he was in.

We talked but with each word it got hotter, I could smell her body after a day in the stables, I had to get closer to her....

I asked her where she lived, she pointed over to the stairs, I smiled and noticed another stable hand walking from the apartment.

I am so horny with animalistic desire to get sweaty and naked with her, she finishes her job and I drop my daughter at home before heading back to the stables, she is waiting at the top of the stairs in her dirty clothes, she is not at all surprised to see me, she smiles and kisses me hello, I get to smell her hmmmmmmm, god its so erotic, dirty and feminine, My dick is straining against my jeans, she brushes it with her bum as she turns and leads me into the flat, I reach down and pull her Johdpors back so I can get a look at her peach dirty bum, hmmmm, I sniff and get a scent of her arse......

Her stablemate is sitting on the sofa in a tight top and just her underpants, she looks like she has been playing with herself and we have disturbed her, she happy to see us and we sit opposite, Irena wants to have a shower, I desperately want her naked but unwashed, I whisper, "can I join you?"

She looks me up and down and says come on then, I take every piece of clothing off her apart from her underwear, she is so hot, curvy, lovely body, I get on my knees and breathe her in, front first, I run my nose up her legs to her pussy and just inhale her scent, its incredible and strong, I turn her around and do the same to her arse, I pull down her pants and bury my nose into her filthy hole before licking it and then I lose all control and tongue fuck her asshole, its dirty from being being unwashed all day and it turns me on even more, I honestly cant get enough of her and dont want her near the shower untill I have had my way with her....

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