Reframing Sex

BY candj
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

My fantasy involves channelling all negative emotions into sex; anger, resentment , jealousy, pain etc. I recently fell out with my partner in a way that it doesn’t seem to be repairable. My fantasy is a world where the power of sex is recognised as a legal requirement after a break up. I dream of being physically pushed and pulled by him to erase the emotional push and pull. Of digging my nails into the flesh of his back, of biting into him til I draw blood, then gently sucking and licking the blood away alongside the emotional pain. Of using his dick to demonstrate the intensity of how much I miss him by filling every inch of my mouth with it. It was with my partner that we recently discovered what sex really is . My fantasy is to fuck our feelings out. The stronger the negative emotion the dirtier the sex.

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    I love him
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Hanako Mimiko is a Barcelona based artist.