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Comments by Erika Lust

Another very special moment for XConfessions: a second guest production! I've always been a fan of The Madame, but Pachisi got my heart... It's beautifully simple and very intense. I can only hope you like it as much as I did!

Playing games with a lover can be the most exciting thing. Comparable to feeling them exhaling across your skin, or sliding lace down the leg... There's uncertainty, there's suspense, the accumulated tension... we just love it, it arouses us completely. One night we decided to play Pachisi, the ancient royal game of India, and I've started to tease him as if he couldn't ever beat me. Well, what can I say - deep inside I was fully aware of who's going to come out the winner...

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  1. says:

    Looks great

  2. freakyfriday says:

    damn that's hot!!!!!!!!!

  3. Newbi says:

    Beautiful film! Very sexy music in perfect sync with equally stunning pictures. The female desire and self confidence in the song is overwhelmingly sexy. The last photo is equally beautiful and mind boggeling. Maybe because it seems to build up such a contrast to the dominance of the female? And most probably because this contrast is no contrast at all in the end ....

    If you need further inspiration for sexy music (and want to fullfill some dreams of mine) take one of these slow an sleezy 90s Morcheeba (or other Trip Hop) songs and make it into a equally stunning movie.

    • Erika Lust says:

      This film was directed by The Madame! I love her use of music too, it's a fantastic short film :)

  4. Kerry C says:

    I like the song in this. What's it called and who sings it?

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