Is It True?

by De-Classified

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My girlfriend has a best friend to whom she tells everything. The other day, my partner admitted that she also leaks details of our sex-life, particularly the generous size and unique feel of my penis (so my girlfriend insists).
Ever since, whenever I see this friend, I can't help but wonder about her thoughts, whether she's curious.
My fantasy is that one day, while she's visiting us at home, curiosity gets the better of her. She asks "is it true?", and my girlfriend insists that I show her.
When she sees it, I imagine her dropped jaw.
Then, my girlfriend insists that she 'gives it a go'.
And her friend just cant help herself.

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  1. 123Moondog says:

    Hot, this is real friendship...

  2. Pixxie says:

    that would be amamzing actually , I have a best friend in South Africa , my husband knows her , she and Ihave been friends for 17 years and she is younger and smaller than me , I know what his fetish is and mine is voyeurism , I would love to see them have intimate sex , I cant have any more children and he has none , she is fertile and we talk about EVERYTHING so seeing him ride her bareback and taste her on him would be a fantastic gift.

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