The Girl Who Made A Man Out Of Me

BY Jorgelgm
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I'm a Latin man, and I would like to tell my first time I had sex relations with a girl.
I was pretty young, she was a 19 years old girl next door, I remember she was kind, funny, small size, a little bit chubby, she liked to wear sexy dresses remarking her round ass, small tits with a lemon shape, hairy vagina. We used to talk frequently and all the time I heard my friends about how hot she was, but I was innocent and I never thought about I was in her plans in despite I had fantasies and masturbated me thinking on her.Then she took the chance in my birthday party, after dance some time and cut a cake with my family and friends, she said me so quietly that she has a special present for me, so we must go to a lonely place, I told her that we could go to the garage were the family car was parking, she agree and in a moment she pushed me out to the garage door, I opened the back door, she sat me on it and opened my zipper, I was so excited that immediately my pene jump out of my pant, I was so innocent that felt my head burning, she was ardent and took my dick and start to suck producing me so sweet sensations and in a minute I was exploding in her mouth like a volcano erupting liberating the magma pressure. She was surprised, I remember her opened eyes and a little shout, but after that she licked all around my dick swallowing the sperm. After she ends cleaned up her lips, face and hair kissed me and return to the party, I was happily shocked, waited a minute to recover my breath, closed my zipper and return also, but nothing could be the same.

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