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BY eagerme
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As I grow older, and I am now 87, I fantasize a lot about my sexual encounters as a younger man. As far as sex goes I now have to rely on medication in order to get an erection and watching tasteful porn helps too. I often think back to an occasion some twenty years ago when a lady friend and I went into the woods for a walk. It was a beautiful warm fall day and, as we wandered deeper into the woods we found ourselves kissing and canoodling and before long we were stripping off and kissing passionately. I soon found myself naked, on my back. My friend straddled me and, seizing my now erect cock from behind, thrust it into her pussy which was wet and creamy. It was wonderful and I would love to have it happen again in real life.

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  • some guy

    Great to read this! Old age is still somewhat of a no-speak of the sexual landscape.

    I believe, at any rate, that sexuality is a spiritual category and therefore timeless.

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