From Different Worlds

BY Chaitra
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I have a friend. He is about six feet tall, handsome, incredibly hot. Not only that, he also has the purest soul.
Long before we became friends I had developed an enormous crush on him. We slowly became closer and closer, spending nights full of talking, sharing thoughts and laughs.
While he saw me as a good friend, I was in love, falling deeper and deeper.
In my mind I picture us in various scenarios making love to each other. Whenever I see a couple I can't resist thinking of him, wishing to turn all that energy that has built up inside of me into a night full of pleasure with him.
These huge feelings of love are making me insane and I can't think of anything else.
The heart-wrenching thing is that it is never going to happen since we are of two different castes. I don't know what to do. My body and mind are craving for him and it is just a matter of time until I am no longer able to control myself.

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Dan Gluibizzi lives and works in Portland, Oregon. His work encapsulates the format of Tumblr, taking advantage of the digital era to appropriate contemporary cybernetics (nudes, sexting, video chat). He converts existing human figures to paper with watercolors, removing identity while playing with the silhouettes and colors.

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