His Perfect Xmas Gift

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Owl

Christmas is a special time, full of love and therefore lust. For a couple of months I'm having a torrid affairs with my colleague but we never fucked at any of our homes yet. As Christmas day is coming nearer I imagine being his Xmas gift. He would write me Christmas morning that he wants to come over this evening and I prepare myself to be just the most perfect and sinful gift to unwrap for him. I have just the perfect red lace lingerie that I put on, covering it with a nice silk robe. When he arrives and sees me he just closes the door and let me lead him underneath my Christmas tree. We uncover each other to the melody of swingy seductive Christmas music and feast on to each other. Starting with the most languid slow experiencing of our bodies. He brought with him a present for me...inside is a lovely shawl...and he puts it to immidiate use. First he uses the ribbon of the present to bind my hands above my head and then puts the shawl over my eyes...he knows I always wanted to try to be blindfolded und cuffed while fucked...and fucking we did...with my senses heightend I felt everything even more intense and came blissfully seeing stars behind my eyes...so we made each other the perfect Xmas gift.