X Guest

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xtech

My fantasy is to be a special guest at a special party. To have my limbs spread and tied lying on the floor, as well as blindfolded. The party would be formal so that everyone would be nicely dressed. I would be totally naked, and no one else can get naked. The guests would take turns touching any part of me they choose. They could jerk me off, or suck on me. They could put their fingers in my mouth, or they could spit on me if they want. Pretty much anything except fuck me. I imagine multiple hands touching me everywhere at once. My heart is racing, and my moans are increasing. Cumming again and again. Getting oral after I just came. Cumming until I'm drained. After everyone leaves, I feel someone cleaning me up with wet wipes. After I'm clean, I am unrestrained. I get dressed, and I'm the last one to leave.