Work of art.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rynelle0411

I have had the most intense crush on a man for a few years now, and I haven't seen or spoken to him in a while. I am an artist and sometimes, I like to paint erotic portraits of him. I usually tend to do my erotic paintings whilst naked, to get a better reference of anatomy, skin tone, shadows and highlights.

I have this fantasy that I am naked in a sunny, lit studio, immersed in my painting, and suddenly he appears out of nowhere, dips his fingers into my paint and traces it across the cupids bow of my lips, I kiss him deeply and retaliate with dipping both my hands into the paint and run them from his shoulders down his torso. The foreplay carries on until we are both covered in paint.

The white floor and both our bodies dripping in splatters and smudges of vibrant colored paint resembling our passion for each other, become our canvases. The lust, the sex, the cool paint on hot skin, the colors mixing as our bodies collide into each other. It's all a hot mess and an extraordinary work of art.