Work life balance

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Emma

My husband is home today, a state holiday that my office didn’t give me. I can hear him in the kitchen and it’s distracting me. I want him here, I want him close. I call out, the beg in my voice the tell tale sign of my need. He comes immediately and is suddenly behind me, wrapping his arms around me to put my desk in its standing position. I look at him, puzzled, and he slowly crouches down. He pulls at my leggings and panties until they fall to my ankles and gently lifts one of my legs onto my office chair. In one swift move his tongue is on me, circling my clit in the way that make me week and slowly…tortuously.. he finally licks inside me. His tongue quick and thrusting causing a moan to involuntarily come from my lips. I look up, embarrassed to see my laptop still open, and slam it shut. The noise has encouraged him and now it is his finger, 1 at first, and then the 2nd pushing deep and forward inside me. His tongue licking my clit in perfect harmony. This was it, I could feel the wave crashing in, to overtake me, but he stopped. He stood up, peeled off his shorts and bent me over the desk. I was already so close and from the look of his dipping cock, so was he. He pushed inside of me and began to thrust. He had 1 hand in my head pushing it down onto my desk, and the other on my ass, finger in my hole. I was ready. My orgasm overtook me and my legs went limp, just as he also went over the edge. I haven’t been able to look at my desk the same way, and have often needed to step away and take care of myself just thinking of the memory of it.