I'm a Woman as Hungry as a River

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lady Day

I love to take a man in my arms, place him on my lap, and feel his vulnerability.

I’m a woman as hungry as a river. I’ve always been bigger than the rest of the boys. Fatter. The belly of a goddess. Every chair tightly embracing my hips. My thighs strong as columns. But I like thin men, with legs as slender as bamboo. I like to kiss their knees, I love the touch of their pelvic bone, that irresistible protuberance...I’m stronger than them and yet I want them to dominate me. I want to see a man that I can easily carry in my arms telling me what to do. I want to see the contrary inside of us, I want to prove that first impressions are deceiving, I want to see the strong one becoming weak, the weak one getting stronger.

I’m forever hungry for a skinny man to fuck me mercilessly, and then, after all the pain that becomes pleasure, I want a man to cuddle between my strong arms.

I still remember

His eyes made out of marble

Grey stones

His blue veins

Getting thicker with every breath

I surrendered to his indulging hands

Like a blind moth

Attracted to the fire

He burnt me

His hips moving faster at the rhythm of the logs crackling

The fireplace never dying

The flames getting higher

I fell silent

At the end it was the pietà

I carried his slender body

His exhausted bones against my lap

His long arms in abdication

The most pure and exquisite pain he gave me was now ended

And there was nothing but pleasure