Wim Hof breathing

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jaloque

I’ve been practicing Wim Hof breathing techniques for some time and discovered the way in which apnea sharpens my consciousness of my body and mind. The technique consists of periods of deep circular breathing after which I exhale all the air and hold my breath for two or three minutes; then the breathing phase starts again followed by a new apnea.

I have been fantasizing lately with bringing together apnea and sex. I fantasize about a woman touching me and once I’m hard, asking me to start breezing and hyperventilate, then, once I hold my breath, she'd take those 3 minutes in apnea to suck my penis. When I won’t be able to hold my breath any longer, she would slow down and go back to caress me softly to keep the erection while I do the breathing phase again. Then she’d go on with the sensual blow job once I hold my breath again, and repeat the process until I come.