Wife Wants to Watch Me Go Gay

A Sexual Fantasy

— By otherfred

It took me years to get up the courage to admit to my wife that I'd had some gay experiences in my late teens, stroking and sucking with a couple good friends. She asked me to explain how it happened, and I told her the story, all the way up to us coming in each other's mouths. I hadn't had other opportunities with men, but those times were a big turn-on. She didn't bring it up again for a few weeks, and she apparently hadn't been able to stop thinking about me with a cock in my mouth. Would I do it again if I had the chance, she asked me, and would I let her watch? As we fucked that night, she talked me through what it would be like taking a man's load in my mouth and sharing it with her afterwards. Or might I be willing, she asked, to lick his cum out of her pussy? It became a super hot fantasy for both of us, and I hoped that we'd find someone to invite over in real life to try it out together.