Me my wife and Ella on the road

A Sexual Fantasy

— By birk

I like driving at night with some cool jazz accomplishing me to wherever I go. This particular night in spring I invited my wife on one of my journeys and asked her if she wanted to drive the car. She sat down next to me with her face looking beautyful in the moonlight that was just peeking into our car.

My wife likes the music of Ella Fitzgerald. It made her feel warm she once told me.
A botlle of very fine french wine was under the seat, blankets in the trunk and Ella was singing the soundtrack of our litlle roadtrip.

I love watching her driving. Especially when it's hot and she's wearing that white shirt were I can see her nicely shaped breasts in. A little tight so her nipples point out.

When she wasn't looking at me I put my lefthand behind her neck and with my right hand I reached for her nipple and made little circles around it. She looked at and pulled her knee-lenght denim skirt up a bit and grabbed my hand gently. She guided it to her warm vagina. Make some circle movement there she said.

I placed my hand over her vulva and draped my fingers against it. I soflty moved one finger against her labia, pinched it playfully and slid it inside her wet pussy. She moaned and pressed her vulva against my hand. I kept on slipping my fingers in and out her untill the seat was soaking wet. She stopped the car near a lake that we drove by.

We got out of the car and got all naked with the moon shining on our backs. I spread her legs gently and shoved my warm hot cock slowly inside her. Not very deep, teasing her a bit until she had enough and pushed her gorgeous ass backwards. It shoved my cock in as deep as It could. She looked over her shoulder and told me she loved me and we kissed untill we both came very very loud.

Our legs were shaking and we needed to sit down in the car again.
I pulled the bottle of wine from under the seat and Ella sang "Old Devil Moon"

Life can be good X