Who's that screaming?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sexydiver

There was no indication this day would turn out as it did. We were off to a picnic on a hilltop, there were WWI fortifications in the forest. Lots of trenches and little coves away from prying eyes.
We explored the area, we made a fire, we ate, we laughed, we fooled around ... a fine afternoon until it was time to go.

Keys. Can't find the keys. Phone is in the locked car, and it's getting dark...

There was ample wood so we stocked up the fire. We started looking around where we had been, without much luck.

The fire cast yellow and orange light around us, with these surreal moving shadows. Every creaking tree, every bird call, the wind howl in the leaves was so poignant...

A new, different sound, could be heard. Someone was short of breath. Branches snapping. A female squeal. Maybe someone was being harassed!

We jumped to our feet, grabbed some burning branches, and prudently walked in her direction.

It seemed to take forever to get there. What would we find? We jumped when a wild animal scurried away.

The sounds were clearer, and we could make out some movement... a naked couple were in full action, he lying on his back and she riding his manhood furiously up and down.

After the tension buildup we were relieved... the scene was most arousing... we kissed, but didn't stop there as we needed more release...