White Light Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By mare

It´s a fantasy about sensibility and lust...passionate, spiritual sexuality... On multi dimensions you can get multi orgasm! There´s a room, very bright...white lightspere... a woman.. sitting in the middle of the room... eyes closed... holding her hands in front of her heart... wearing a crown, with sunbeams and roses...then there´s a water lily rising underneth her legs... she gets goosebumbs in her neck and all over her body...feels pure extase... and sits back as a waterdrop runs from the middle of a rose(picture)...she feels the pure lust in her... there are feathers growing on her skin... she feels like a beautyful swan... very lightful and shining... as she touches her body.. her throat...her cheeks... her legs...very gentle, very delightful.. as she recongnizes she is on a flower, floating on a lake... there´s a big, golden fish swimming around her... very beautyful, colourful... as his movements got more quick and he jumpes out the water onto the lily to the woman...and she got even more wet as he brings more water into her chest... they both kisses each other...first really slowly, getting more heatedly by the time... he wanders down her naked body and kisses her al over...the woman says „drink from me...“ and the man, the fish, he starts to lick her beautyful vulva(picture of nectre)... and she got very high then... getting visions of angels, playing harp.. with golden skin... and a black-skinned man, also with angel wings starts to touch her in her fantasy... as she opens her eyes the man is still licking her but there´s another man, loving her too...both are now touching her very soft and gently and she is just surrendering and groaning... as she enjoys a lot she closes her eyes again and finds herself again in a forrest... where there are many people, man and woman, dancing, playing... and touching each other... she goes to two woman and they also start kissing with each other... as she opens her eyes, now there are four lovers in front of her... I think it´s not necessary to explain right more...it´s a picture of connections of bodies and love...and the penetration is just for the woman, because it´s a woman´s idea ;) The idea was to bring pictures of nature into the story.. of a pearl in a rose or a teardrop to describe a wet pussy and the the man is „drinking from her“... and that she brings the lovers from her daydreams into her reality... and the fish, that is first looking around but then sucking her body all over because the feeling comes even very strong into her body.... and that the connections betwen water and the feelings, between the wings and the swan that she starts to become...and the fantasy of being loved by many people, man and woman...somehow it would be nice to create even more pictures of nature into the story..to show that in nature every being is able to become lust...birds..or flowers...