Wet Party Night

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Orphalese

Apartment, night, party, lots of people. They look at each other several times during the night, they talk a bit but the heat is stronger than words, they agree to meet at the bathroom, they start kissing with passion, clothes go away in a clumsy way because the place is small, legs and arms and movement barely feet against the cold wall tiles, almost at the end of the play, suddenly a foot is in the water of the toilet , they fall, and trying to grasp to something they open a shower faucet. Both are wet, embarrassed but also laughing. They stare at each other deciding what to do, they decide to leave the place, and awkwardly open the door. The party changed, it is not only music, drinks and dance, it is clearly an orgy now, everyone is enjoying and they do not fell misplaced anymore, instead of leaving, they join the game