Wet and Sticky

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bea

I love the sight of cum. I don't know what it is, but there's something so alluring about it. It makes me want to be drenched in a shower of cum and feel it as a thick layer of cum flows down my body, as it drips off of me like water from a faucet, as it sticks to me like honey, and as it covers every inch of my body with no spots left untouched. I'd imagine I'd scoop up a finger full of cum from my drenched body and lick it off like a silicone spatula covered in brownie mix; jerk myself off as my hand pushes the cum up my cock, gathering up enough cum for it to drip down my hand; and write words and draw pictures on my body like it was snow. Oh, I'd love to share this experience with someone, how our cum soaked bodies would slide against one another, how we'd lick the cum off of each other, and how there'd be strings of cum connected between us. If I were in an orgy where everyone was covered in cum, my body would be as hot as the sun. The thought of it all excites me.