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A Sexual Fantasy

— By rkhanna34

We are a married couple and after 5 years of knowing each other, we decided to open up our fantasies to each other. One thing led to another and a common fantasy led us to a swingers club on a couples only night. We are not swingers and were not going to be swingers but a bit of exhibitionism and a bit of voyeurism turned us both on. So, the swingers club was a good and safe place to try some of our fantasies.

We reached there and amongst the 50 other couples, got lost in the sexy environment. Mostly couples were talking to each other and occasionally, some can be seen going in and coming out of private rooms having played and looking satisfied. We entered a dark room with some sofas in front and some beds at the back and a large screen playing a hardcore porno. After watching it for about 20 minutes we realised there were around another 5-6 couples in the cinema making out. We reached the back of the room and lied on the bed. Starting with deep french kiss, we started fondling each other passionately and before we knew my hands were inside her raised skirt fondling her laced panties and she was calmly stroking my hardened cock through my pants. It was then that we noticed that we were the source of attention in the room rather than the screen and the couples had almost gathered around us.

We let our hair down and did it right there in front of all and by the end of it, we were watched by around 10-12 couples.