Watching You Watching Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pollywantsacracker

As a newly polyamorous woman, I prefer dating men who are already familiar with consensual non-monogamy. Recently I started dating a guy whose girlfriend is aroused by the thought of him sleeping with other women. I plan to propose a date night with the three of us in their apartment. On the night itself, I wear something very sexy to please both of them, then flirt and build up tension over a couple glasses of wine. His girlfriend goes to the kitchen for another bottle, but when she comes back, she finds me and her boyfriend passionately kissing. She knows it's all for her, but chooses to spy on us a little longer as we gradually takes our clothes off. Then she emerges from her hiding place. She clearly enjoys the show and poses a little request every now and then, making the whole experience even hotter. We go on for hours until I am exhausted from my third (fourth?) orgasm. The girlfriend fills up the bath tub for me and I come to my senses in the hot scented water. Through the door I hear moaning and thrusting.