A Sexual Fantasy

— By Toby

I do not know why but I have always been very turned on by thinking of having the love of my life, my wife, my everything-in-life, being seduced and pleased by multiple men and couples, so both men and women, while I am just simply not joining the fun but sitting on a chair while watching all of that pleasure she will both give and receive ... I am not allowed to join, I am only allowed to watch and to touch myself. I will have just as many orgasms as her, which are many. It is a fantasy and not something I could ever do in real life, but that is why it is simply a fantasy, and it makes me so horny thinking about it... I have already used this fantasy with my wife by telling her this story while we are making love, and it turns her on a lot as well ... it would be so nice to see a movie that would make my dream come true