Watched and Watching

A Sexual Fantasy

— By dirty diana

My husband will be home from work late: I get a message saying "home 10 p.m. :("

I send him a message "waiting for you! look for instructions ;)"

I leave messages in the house giving him directions: First to the bathroom - where there is a hot bath for him. Then on to the living room, where he finds a glass of champagne. And finally into the garden, where candles lead him through the dark to a blanket on the gras. The last message reads "lie down on your back".

He lies down and waits.

Out of the dark I approach him wearing the sheer nightgown. I kneel down at his feet and start crawling up on him. Opening the bathrobe bit by bit I kiss my way up to his cock. I take his cock deep into my mouth until it is big and hard. I suck, stroke and lick his cock and balls for a while. I leave a good amount of saliva on the cock then I open his bathrobe completely and straddle him, rubbing my labia up and down his hard cock on my own saliva. We both struggle to stay silent.

He tries to grab my breasts, but I won't allow it. I slap his hands and push them away. He tries to grab me to direct my hips so he can push his cock into me. But I get up and walk over to the house. He follows me: open bathrobe, his hard cock is swaying with each step. He chases me to the bedroom and out onto the balcony. As my husband takes me from behind, I can see a neighbour hiding in the shadows of his garden, watching. My husband covers my mouth with his hand so that I come almost soundlessly. He pulls out and comes all over my nightgown. We kiss and he gets back inside.

I turn to the garden, where my neighbour steps out of the shadows with not only him but also a substantial erection looking up at me. I pull off my nightgown seductively slow and sneak past my sleeping husband onto the terrace. As my neighbour squeezes himself through a gap in the hedge, I shower myself with a water can and meet my neighbour on the blanket to have sex with him.

I look up to the balcony, where my husband stands smiling down on us and stroking his cock. All three of us come at the same time.