Washing the dishes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By BassD

The first thing that I do after getting up is often washing the dishes from the previous day. Outside it is a warm and sunny spring day, so I get up just in my boxers and a cosy shirt and walk into the kitchen. Doing kitchen work kind of relaxes me since don't think too much while doing it. As I do all the hand movements, my girlfriend, also in cosy sleeping underwear, gets behind me. She leans against my back and is aroused by me doing the dishes in my underwear. She obviously likes a sexy house husband. She caresses my body and genitals and very fast I get very excited. Still doing my work, she gets down, sits on her feet with her knees spread and liberates my erected penis from of my boxers and takes it in her mouth. I continue my work while she is caressing my penis with her mouth and her hands. Although it gets harder and harder to concentrate, I continue with the warm water surrounding my hands and the dishes until all is done. In the meantime she caresses her own breasts. I pull her up and we kiss. Then she sits down on the oven with her legs spread and as I enter her, all her tension releases and she comes immediately. I get down to giver her pleasure with my mouth and after she had another orgasm by my hands, penis and mouth, I come heavily inside her. That was a morning to remember.