Was It Him? Or Her?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By chart

My husband loves to give me full body massages.... for sore muscles, relaxation, or foreplay. He's wanted to give me a "4 hands" massage for a long time and I finally said Yes, but he had to make all the arrangements (What was I thinking? ;). Nervously excited as we approached the house where we were to meet, his hands reassuring as always, I was glad to find that the other masseuse was a woman about my age who was attractive but not gorgeous. While sitting in her garden , we relaxed with a glass of wine as we talked and she described how things would work. Following her lead, we all stripped and I lay face down on the softly padded massage table, as she placed a blindfold over my eyes. I felt my skin tingle as I sensed the rhythmic movement of 4 hands gently caressing my shoulders and arms, running down the length of my back in choreographed unison, skipping my ass, and starting on my feet and legs. I relaxed as they alternated kneading my ass and stroking my thighs, and while they came close to touching my swelling lips, they made sure they never connected. Turning me over they started on the front of my legs, now and then lightly brushing my lips and clit. They paused and moved to my chest, with two hands kneading my tits,and two hands tweaking my nipples. I felt my nipples grow larger as one was licked softly and one was sucked hard--and then they switched back and forth. Opening my legs for them, I felt fingers stroke my clit while others found their way deep into my cunt and G-spot. The teasing was merciless and i screamed as I felt one mouth suck a nipple while another sucked at my clit, and then both were licked continuously until I came over and over again. To this day I really don't know who finally made me come with so much pleasure. Was it Him.....Or Her?