Walk and swap

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Riverdalia

My wife and I occasionally swap spouses with a couple in the neighbourhood. They are far enough away that we hardly see them but they are close enough that it's a quick walk over. The wives stay at home and the guys walk over to the other's house when they get the text signal to go. It's very exciting to be walking along knowing that in a few minutes there is an excited wet host waiting for you at the door. The first time we did this, I saw the other husband heading over to eat my wife. We had an awkward wave but kept going. The last time we did this we stopped to have a chat. He told me how exciting it was. We agreed and had a good laugh. So we shared a bit more what we hoped would happen that night On the way back, we stopped again to compare notes. He told me my wife's tits are great and she made him come twice. I described our session in detail, perhaps more than he wanted to hear. I could see he was getting anxious to go home and have reclaim sex