Waking up to something you would have never thought about happened

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dundee I

It was a normal weekend for being in high school we went out Friday night and played football we happened to win this game Fri. It was out of town we got in late back at high school gym our locker room and shower room was here my normal friends I played with all my child hood were my team mates we chased girls after the game at a party at a friend's house we had good time one of my best friends ask me if I wanted to stay at his house. His mom was out of town just his sister would be there she was cool and we spent the night at each other's house all the time this was going to be different than all the others. We played basketball in driveway until late, his sister was with her boyfriend so did not bother them. We went and took a shower I was give out as soon as I hit the bed I went to sleep I don't know how long I was sleeping but I woke up to a good feeling in my dick like a wet dream but when I opened my eyes it was hard but no wet dream my best friend was sucking my dick. It felt wonderful, he was going to town on the head of it I almost screamed with pleasure but held back this went on for a couple of hours he suck awhile then lick me all over my balls and butt I didn't know what to do so I thought it felt so good I decided to let him enjoy it. He was better than my girlfriend at sucking dick he had to feel me jump when I cumed in his mouth some ran down his chin as he swallowed my cum when he got through cuming on my face and chest he licked me clean I enjoy his mouth very much chapter 1 of many...