My virtual cuckold

A Sexual Fantasy

— By seanix99

My man has always had the fantasy to share me with other men. From time to time, while we make love, he asks me to imagine another man, I admit that it excites me, but not as much as him. He comes back regularly with this fantasy, and after he cums, he licks his cum off me, telling me that it's the cum of another man. For me it remains a fantasy. I go out once a week in clubs with girlfriends, and many men flirt with me. My man knows, and regularly, he asks me details about the guy, if I let him touched me. He's always trying to encourage me to let myself be touched by men, and even to fuck them. One night I returned home pretty drunk, he was waiting for me as usual and I had a crazy idea.

I told him that I had sex for the first time and it was very hot but I would tell him the details only if he was blindfolded. Then I started to invent details. As I told him, I released his penis from his pajamas, and I started to masturbate him. Standing in front of him, as I stroked him, I felt that he would cum in couple of minutes. So without really thinking about it, I roll up my dress over my waist, and with a hand, I stretched the elastic of my panties. I approached him, and I positioned his cock so when he would cum, it would be in my panties and on my pubes. I make him cum in my panties, I let his semen flow over my clit and I put my panties  back on and my dress down.

I removed the blindfold, and I forced him to kneel and I rolled up my dress. I told him that I brought him a souvenir from my evening with this beautiful stallion, and to find out what it was he had to take off my panties. Gently he took off my panties and I made him go down. When he saw the cum on my pubes, clitoris and my panties, he got hard again. He looked in my eyes, with a big smile. Then he began to lick me, lick the sperm. I was so excited to see him thinking he licked the sperm of another man that I had the strongest orgasm ever.

Since that night, I regularly repeat the scenario, I invent new meetings with other men and I let him think he is a cuckold.