Vintage discoveries

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nelson

We’d bought the house some months previous but never had any need to venture into the attic. Finally one diy filled weekend we needed to look at the water tanks so headed up to take a look. To our surprise there were lots of dusty old boxes. Forgetting the task in hand we began rummaging through crates of trying toys and old crockery. My girlfriend unearthed a box of with an old Polaroid camera and film. It was way out of date but she loaded some in and snapped a photo. It slowly developed to reveal a slightly cloudy image of me rummaging in the boxes. That’s when I stumbled across something a whole lot more interesting - a collection of vintage porn mags. We clambered down from the loft with our new found treasures. Giggling like naughty schools kids We thumbed through the magazines laughing at the 70s fashions, dreadful adverts and the cheesy stories, but it was the models that caught our attention. Women with curves and perfect hairy bushes! ‘ Oh I could have been a glamour model back then’. She said as she began to imitate some of the poses, discarding her clothes as she went. I grabbed the Polaroid and clicked as she revealed her perfect full bush.