Video Sexion

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ross

Dear Erica, this fantasy is both thought of by my girlfriend and I. First off I want to start with a short background story of our relationship. We are currently in a long distance relationship, really long. She's currently working in Singapore and I reside in the United States. We've been together for a since May 2015 and since then I've visited her in Singapore once and we met in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Most of our meetings and conversations rely on a messenger and video chat. Over the course of our meetings there's been times where she would do shower shows and masturbations shows for me over the phone. Up until last week we discovered a new form of the shows. We were on video chat using the phone and also with the computer. This was a great discovery because I got to watch her masturbate on a chair from two different angles!!!

Afterwards we came up with a good fantasy story stemming from this experience. On a busy day after work, she comes home exhausted but excited to see me. Then she starts a video chat session on the cell phone while at the same time turns on her computer. As we begin to conversate she stands up, starts to dance, feeling herself and slowly undresses. Once she is completely nude she starts a video session using her laptop and I connect with my computer. With the computer positioned further away from her I get the full view of her sitting on the chair with her legs spread apart and with the cellphone closer to her, I see her detailed facial expressions as she's pleasuring herself for my viewing.

As she gets herself deeper and deeper in the mood, I disappear from her laptop screen and cell phone. Minutes later, she hears a knock on her door. She stops pleasing herself and looks at the two screens and realizes I've disappeared. She goes to open the door and to her surprise, I'm at the door. She jumps on to me and we kiss and make our way to the bed.

The sex part Erica, I'd like you to decide, but some of the kinky things I enjoy is I love her beautiful feet and enjoy licking her asshole.