Vegetable Connection

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ismael2000

I was in the vegetable department of the supermarket next door uncertain what I should buy and already thinking about calling my girlfriend what to bring. I did´t realize the woman that was looking through the vegetables until for an inch of a moments our our eyes met.

I was irritated, all thoughts about my groceries were gone. And irritated was she I realized when I first dared to look in her direction after a few seconds. Like me she seemed to be stumbling around the vegetable department like she lost her way.It took some seconds until I could focus on my groceries again. I went on to get my bread but when I turned over towards the meat department she came my way again. This time when our eyes met she smiled at me. I walked pass her but then made sure that I would´t loose her again.

While waiting in the cue to pay I felt the tension between the two of us and my body was already shivering with excitement. She was two or three people ahead of me so when I was finally done she already left. Almost disappointed I made my way out and headed home when on the way out of the parking lot a car slowed down on my left. I turned my head, looked over to the driver and again when our eyes met it struck me like a knife. I opened the door and entered the car.

My mouth was dry, I couldn´t say more the a short "hi". We didn´t say a word and I thought I realized here hands trembling just like mine. She took us to a parking next to a lake near by where after it was raining not many people could be expected. The moment she turned down the motor we turned to each other and an eruption tore all the tension apart.

We fell over each other, kissing, our hands everywhere, on her tits, her hair, her ass, my breast, my head, my legs. She tore open my pants, opened her jeans, pushed them down her legs. I harshly pulled her over to my side and the next moment I felt my cock inside her hot, wet body. We animals powers we pushed our bodies into each other. Within moments we burst out screaming. Roaring. Breathing.
She took me home later...