Under Shooting Stars

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Steve

My girlfriend and I had not yet been physically intimate beyond some petting over the clothes. We were in college and just wrapping up the football season. We both worked in the stadium, her in consessions and I worked in the booth. Towards the end of the season, a friend of hers asked for a double date to watch a meteor shower. We offered to arrange access to the football field, which would be dark and secluded, perfect for watching the stars. We met up after the game and hung out as the stadium emptied. Then we lay down in the field bundled up in blankets to ward off the cold. The other couple felt a little self conscious about their make out session that began almost immediately, and desired to move over to the track, behind a snow bank, where I can only assume they began to have sex not too long after. We were alone and awkwardly trying to get warm. Her fingers were quite cold and I offered for her to put her fingers under my shirt to absorb more body heat. I instantly regretted the offer, until her ice cold fingers finally began to thaw and her increasingly warm touch against my skin got me all sorts of warmed up. She mentioned it wasn't fair how warm her hands were now, a clear enough hint that my hands should be on her body as well. We explored each other's bodies as best we could without letting in the cold, but eventually the temperature won out and we bundled up for a short walk back to my apartment. The other couple had already left, so we went to my apartment alone. My apartment mates were all asleep and I had my own room and adjoining bathroom since my roommate moved in with his girlfriend a few weeks prior. It was the first time having her in my room alone. She complained that the cold was still clinging to her body. I said if she wanted a hot shower to warm up, she was welcome to it and she accepted my offer. I couldn't help but notice that the door was left closed, but not completely shut. I knocked gently a few minutes later and asked if there was anything I could get for her. She said she would love some company, so I stripped down and joined her. We made out and touched each other. As I began to finger her pussy, she wrapped one leg around my waist and pulled me into her. We had sex there, dried off, and had sex again before falling asleep together in my bed.