Two tribes meet

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nicjay

I am a pre-GRS trans woman. I am saving for Vaginoplasty surgery. I still, sometimes, have hetero-sexual fantasies. For some years, I would imagine I was a member of a tribe, meeting another tribe, and going through a ceremony like that of our indigenous Maori people. In their process, after Tangata Whenua (the local people) and Manuhiri (the guests) have completed all the required speeches and other protocols, the hosts stand in a line, and the guests walk down the line; the men greet each other with a hongi (touching noses and sharing the intimacy of this), and when one is a woman, they hold each other and kiss on the cheek. Except I imagined a range of variations of this part of the ceremony in which a woman of the host tribe could choose a man of the guest tribe and give a signal that she was willing to mate with him with the possibility of bearing his child. Now that I am a lesbian and also more attuned to issues of mutual consent, I would imagine a more gender-inclusive ceremony. A caution would be not to try to recreate the ceremony that could be identified as Maori or any recognizable people, as that could be highly offensive and hurtful. My fantasies were more inspired by this beautiful ceremony I have been part of many times in Aotearoa, New Zealand.