We're two sinners

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sexyfiji

It all began when she came out the door. I was in my car already fantasizing when she appeared. Black coat, socks with heels. I smiled. When she entered my car I could see the lingerie I'd given her a couple days before. It was Christmas. Dark blue lingerie. She was smiling too. She knew why I was so happy. We're two sinners. And we really enjoy it. After that long, wet first kiss she didn't say a word. She unzipped my jeans and felt me. Already ready for her. I felt her hand, her tongue, her lips, her mouth. And I kept driving. Until I stopped. We weren't there, but I couldn't drive anymore. Luckily we stopped right in front of a security guard. It was dark and he was alone. Lucky him. She stood on her knees on the seat and she didn't stop, her ass right in front of that poor man standing there just with the window between them. Her mouth was frenetic, my respiration deeper and her moans higher as my fingers enter her faster. The poor guard was now in the shadows, enjoying the show. And my eyes were shut. Her mouth was full. She smiled. I smiled. I turned the engine on. One last look at that man again. He was smiling, too.

Lisbon, December 2013