Two boys fulfilling my fantasies

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Stella

Ok, so this is a true story, and I’m trying to keep it short. I also want to mention right off the bat that I’m a sub, and usually find people bossing me around pretty arousing. So.. I met these two guys at a club. I was alone and they came and talked to me. Nothing sexual at that point, but I decided to go with them after the bar closed. Pretty soon after getting to their place I started kissing and touching with one of them. We went into the toilet, and he told me he wanted me to walk up to his friend in my underwear and just start giving him a blowjob while he watched. Very soon after that I got to fuck and suck both of them in turns for quite a while. I can’t even describe how hot and pleasurable that was. When we took a little break, I told one of them I have a pretty serious pee fetish and asked if he would pee on me. He did, and that was everything.. So hot. I took a shower, all of us continued fucking, until one of them fell asleep. I fucked the friend and soon after that, went and woke up the other guy ‘cause I wanted more. He wanted me to tell him dirty stories and specifics of how I fucked his friend while he was sleeping right next to us. I managed to make him cum mostly just by talking, I never knew that would be so hot.. At this point it was morning, so I got dressed, and went home with a big smile on my face.