12 Fucks Per Second

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Suz Pitt

Me and my girlfriend, Marcia, have a small traditional animation studio, we draw frame by frame to achieve artistic look and movement. It is on the second floor of our apartment. We hired a temp, her name was Giz, to assist in a small production. She draws sensual bodies like her, young and curious. We stayed long sessions, sometimes till late, working drawing and studying movement of the body, we sometimes act out scenes. Its passionate and fun. The three of us are artistically driven to give our best, but also became a loving group. Once acting a scene looking at the three of us in the mirror we felt more like the characters than us, we took a scene beyond shyness. We recorded everything on a camera to register movement, we had mirrors around, we did notes of drawings on paper, but suddenly we touched each other, grabbed our legs, hands and faces. My girlfriend kissed Giz and grabbed her boobs while looking at me, the temp touched me and pulled me close, we kissed and undressed. We knew cameras were on. We looked straight at them we knew we were having our erotic moment caught on camera and we would animate that fantasy come true when we´re no loger there. Frame by frame, capturing every movement of our tongues, in, out and around each other's bodies. Wet fingers, spit, liquids, fluids, hair, cloth, all that moves sensually. Sweaty hard fuck, soft tender lovemaking, all at 12 frames per second. We never finished our production, we began to produce erotica animation since then.